Initialiste Reviews: As the age passes the human hair loses its properties and growth stops. Due to this, people face baldness. This is common in old people. But nowadays even younger people face such hair problems. The reasons are many. There is a various number of hair products. Not all the products support hair growth. The one product that helps in hair growth is the Initialiste.

This is a hair treatment product which retains the hair properties.  The hair fall occurs due to the aging properties or insufficient nutrients to the scalp. This hair fall leads to baldness. Other hair problems like splits, thinning of hair and other issues. This Initialiste is a scalp and hair concentrate. This support to reverse hair thinning and increase the density and strength of the hair. It stimulates the hair growth. The Initialiste Reviews from the customers prove the working of this oil. Read on to know the complete information of this product and does it work?

What Is Initialiste?

This is plant-based hair growth treatment oil which contains botanical ingredients like Malus Domestica. This plant cell works and gives your hair an unbeatable and luxurious look hair. The leave-in treatment of this product works on follicles and shaft of the hair. This gives you fuller and thicker hair. This Leave-in treatment is designed for the thinner and breaks down hair. This restores the hair properties and gives you shiner, thicker and stronger hair. Manufactured by a French-based company named Kérastase. It is established in the year 1964. This is a part of the multinational company L’Oreal. The company has an official website and offers the product with exciting discounts. You can find more information on their website.

What Ingredients Are Used In Initialiste?

The ingredients present in the is product are naturally extracted. They are lab tested and are very safe to use. The key ingredients are :

  1. This ingredient enhances the hair fiver’s resistance, strength, and structure. This is a glycopeptide.
  2. 6 Amino acids The acids help in repairing the damaged areas of the hair and restoring the mass.
  3. Resurrection Sap -This is an extract of Myrothamnus Flabellifolia plant. This helps in reserve of the structure of the hair.
  4. Wheat Protein DerivativeThis wheat extract restores hair smoothness and uniformity.

The other ingredients of the Initialiste are Mineral oil, Safflower Glucoside, Camellia Sinensis leaf extract, and few others. All these ingredients are safe to use and are very effective.

How Does Initialiste Work?

 The company claims that the formula of this product increases the hair resistance by 93%. The company concentrates on the four major attributes namely strength, Shine, substance and softening. The effective ingredients present in this product develop all these properties and increase the stability of the hair. The claims to increase the growth within one week and on continuous usage of this product make the hair healthy from top to root.

Benefits You Can Expect After Using Initialiste:

  • By using this plant-based hair care serum you can provide complete nourishment to your hair without any harmful chemicals and additives.
  • Amino acids present in this hair care product helps to strengthen the hair follicles so that your hair can grow stronger and longer.
  • It is the complete hair treatment which makes your hair smooth and silky without any side effects.
  • This upgraded serum gets absorbed into the hair very fastly to give lustrous hair without making it oily.
  • It gives a fresh smell and mild fragrance which adds the beautiful scent to your hair.
  • It makes your hair easily manageable when you are out for parties or occasions.
  • It also eliminates hair fall gradually and increases the hair mass. You can get thick hair in a few days.However, you cannot expect the same results for everyone because no one will have the same hair type. Depending upon the hair type results may vary but, this serum is suitable for every hair type. You should use this product continuously without any break to get ultimate results.

How To Use Initialiste?

The usage of this oil is similar to the other hair oils. You can use it as your regular hair oil. Discuss with your doctor regarding the effect of the ingredients on your hair. Stop using if any irritation or itching occurs and consult the doctor immediately.


This serum is suitable for everyone but, if you are having any allergies then make sure that ingredient is not present in this serum. Elderly people above 60 should take the consent of doctor before using it. If you are already using any hair products or treatments stop them before using it.

Customer Reviews:

This Hair Serum Reviews given by its loyal customers are unbelievable. They got the shiny and smooth hair within a few days without any side effects. They also noticed the healthy scalp with thick and black hair. So people who are waiting for the super solution for the unhealthy hair you should try this serum immediately.


Initialiste hair serum is the ultimate product for hair which supplies the vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids. It protects hair from harmful elements of the environment by shielding the hair. You can get the smoothest hair without any extra effort as this serum gives full nourishment to the scalp and hair. The amino acids in this product will give you stronger and thicker hair by eliminating the hair loss permanently.

How To Buy Initialiste?

There are thousands of hair care products in the market, not every product is Initialiste Serum. It is the prominent solution extracted from plants which give faster results. This serum is available only in the online market to save it from duplication. You can buy this from the official website or from other sites like Amazon. To get this product to follow these simple steps to get an original product, go to the official website of Initialiste.

Get all the needed information about the serum from the official website. Later, select the number of bottles and make the payment. Once you pay for the order you will get the confirmation message about the transaction. Your order is placed you will get it on time. When you, receive the serum check for the expiry date and seal of the product.


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